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Consulting Services


RIA Growth provides tailored consultative services to help you navigate your business to reach its destination.

Bringing your RIA firm to the next level requires thoughtful, strategic planning. Our expertise crosses the broad spectrum of business development stages from starting and building your RIA firm, to implementing your exit strategy. Our Principal has helped grow both RIA and Fortune 500 companies – both from the inside and as a consultant — and understands what it takes for firms of different structures and stages in their development to define and reach success. From strategic development, implementation, sales management and more, we help you to overcome the many challenges of running and growing a successful RIA firm.

RIA Growth also specializes in helping RIA firms grow rapidly in discount referral distribution channels. We have helped many RIA’s through the process of getting access to programs and raising billions of dollars.

Below is a sample of the areas of service that we specialize in for our clients. Since each situation is unique, our approach is truly customized to each individual client. In many cases we begin working on a handful of areas of focus that will provide the greatest immediate value for our clients. We have found that many times we will start with specific areas and as the relationship deepens, expand into other areas of the business where we can provide value.

– Practice Review
– Identify Competitive Differences
– Process Improvements
– Maximizing Referral Sources
– Sales and Asset Goal Setting
– Compensation Modeling
– Sales Training
– Client Service Modeling
– Hiring Assistance
– Sales Strategy Budget
– Web Presence and Social Media
– Creation of Marketing Materials
– Effective Sales Scripts
– Sales Infrastructure Development
– Succession Planning
– Sub-Advisory Opportunities
– Complimenting Investment Approaches
– Client and Broker Appreciation Events
– Strategic Acquisitions
– Internal Communication Systems
– Seminar and Webinar Construction
– Content Creation

Our 5-step process:
This process was designed to help provide framework around how a relationship may flow through the AAC consultative process. To maintain efficient progress, we feel it is important to create a consistent and clear communication plan among all the parties involved during each step.

1 – Initial Meeting
• Our Principal will meet with your team to discuss the current business and mutually identify areas of focus to ensure that we can provide value toward your specific goals.

2 – Business Immersion
• Our first step when engaging a new client is typically spent with the decision makers of the firm to help us understand the current “state of the business”
• We will spend multiple days on-site at the firm headquarters with the goal of identifying the gaps that exist between where the firm currently is vs. where they want to be.

3 – Diagnosis
• Once the immersion process is complete we will develop and present our opinion of the areas of focus that we believe will help bridge the gap
• Collaborative meetings with the firm’s decision makers will determine their desires on the initial areas of focus.

4 – Development and Execution of Action Steps
• Based on the defined focus areas, we will begin developing, planning and executing toward achievement of those goals
• We will delegate assignments to current staff as well as the AAC team with timelines for completion
5 – Monitor
• We will review progress and completion of each project with final sign-off done by the firm’s decision makers
• Once our immediate goals are completed, many clients ask us to stay with them as their business evolves. We offer maintenance plans at discounted rates to those who desire to keep us involved as valued partners



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