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“As a stroke of luck, Paul Tracey and RIA Growth reached out to me at a critical point for our firm’s development of our operational capabilities and scale. We needed a candidate who not only possessed strong compliance and legal know-how, but also one that could understand and oversee day to day operational functions like trading and custodian relationships. This search was no easy task! However, Paul was able to identify that “needle in the haystack” for our firm in a very short period of time.”

– Mark Delotto, Partner, Massey Quick


“I want to thank RIA Growth for the outstanding job you did in helping us fill our Director of Financial Planning position. The quality of candidates you gave us to choose from made it very easy on me. I look forward to coming back to you the next time we have a position to fill..”

– Jeff Leventhal, Managing Director, Hightower Advisors


“We were fortunate to have the opportunity to expand nationally through our largest distribution channel. With that expansion came the challenge of quickly hiring the right people to ensure we gained immediate traction. We engaged RIA Growth to help in our search as they have proven experience in hiring sales people that succeed within the formal referral programs offered by the large discount custodians. They understand how to be successful within these programs and have mastered what the ideal candidates background and profile should look like to offer the highest probability for sales success.”

– Will Mannon, VP of Business Development, Mercer Advisors


“RIA Growth did a great job analyzing the business to identify our strengths and areas where we could improve. They helped us define and execute on improving our internal processes and procedures to better support our sales efforts. By having them directly involved in coaching, hiring and training our sales team, we saw an immediate increase in opportunities presented to us through our main referral channel which translated to more closed business. Leveraging their experience helped us focus on promoting the unique areas of our offering that resonates the most to investors in the current market environment. We have been fortunate to have built a successful Advisory firm over the years, but our goal is to continue growing efficiently while maximizing our distribution channels. The RIA Growth team has proven experience growing RIA firms and we hired them to provide us with their insight and to help us execute on taking our business to the next level. Any firm that is looking to grow should contact them.”

– Ron Brock and Dave Gilreath, Owners of Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors


“RIA Growth and the design team did a superb job creating our new website. We chose RIA Growth over other firms because of their specialization in the RIA space and the ability to leverage their industry experience to refine our website content and the message that it delivered to our targeted audience. Open communication throughout the process, attentiveness to detail and constant collaboration produced an industry leading website. They exceeded our expectations and we would recommend any RIA firm considering a new website or enhancing a current one to call the RIA team first!”

– Jim Kyle Jr., Orion Capital Management


“One of the greatest benefits of having RIA Growth involved in our business is their objectivity. They helped us confirm our strengths and provided candid feedback on areas that needed to be modified to support future sales success. We have relied on their expertise to help us refine our compelling story, sales pitch and they helped create customized marketing collateral geared toward our main distribution channel. In lieu of hiring a full-time sales manager, we relied on them to help us hire, train, coach and manage our sales force. If you have a successful business like ours but are always on the quest for continued excellence and growth, you should consider RIA Growth.”

– Jeff Camarda, Founder and Chairman, Camarda Wealth Advisory Group


“Over the last 10 years, I’ve witnessed first-hand Paul Tracey’s ability to ignite rapid growth of RIA firms within the formal referral programs offered by the various custodians. He understands the dynamics of each program and how to be successful within them. Any firm that has growth as a main objective should have a conversation with Paul.”

– Mike Watson, SVP Business Consulting


“Partnering with RIA Growth helped us confirm the areas of our business we believed were strong and identified areas where improvement was needed. Their thoroughness in getting to know us and our business helped us focus and expand on the areas necessary to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our growth plan. If a firm is willing to check their ego at the door and admit that they could use a little help, I highly recommend they speak with RIA Growth.”

– Rob McDaniel, Chief Investment Officer, Owner of Lighthouse Financial Services


“When we decided to hire RIA Growth to perform their due diligence meeting for our firm, we didn’t realize the level of detail which they would extract in their research of our company including issues we didn’t see. Their insight was so keen that after a 2-day meeting one would surmise that they had been around us for months, maybe longer. It was obvious that Paul understands our business model and have the requisite experience to help implement an attainable growth strategy for our business.”

– George McCuen, President/Owner of Napa Wealth Management


“It’s a pleasure to endorse the service, expertise, and professionalism that Paul Tracey provided through RIA Growth. The knowledge and understanding of the intricacies associated with building, marketing, and managing a successful RIA in an aggressive financial sales environment was of enormous value to me as a manager and our company as a competitive entity. Paul was able to recognize our strengths, highlight our weaknesses, and focus our attention in a way that enabled us to more effectively organize and implement an enhanced sales / service program. RIA Growth were instrumental to the accomplishment of those objectives in remarkably short order. I have no reservations recommending Paul as an individual or professional.”

– Kevin Kelley, CFP, ChFC, CLU, Senior Vice President of Wealth Management, Reilly Financial Advisors



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